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by Dockter at 9:25 AM
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So if you haven't heard: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/bukkit-its-time-to-say.305106/

And then there is this: https://twitter.com/EvilSeph/status/502384952944885760

Yeah, Mojang does own Bukkit, Evilseph apparently forgot that part...

by Dockter at 12:53 AM
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Because it's been a while since our last update... We've released build 21 for Spoutcraft 1.6.4

This build includes the following:
  • fixed client time-out / disconnect when receiving large precache packages from the server.
Please let us know if you experience any issues.

by Dockter at 10:21 PM
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We've released build 20 for Spoutcraft 1.6.4

This build includes the following:
  • fixed client crash when you attempted to repair a Spout Custom Item using an Anvil.
Please let us know if you experience any issues.

by Dockter at 10:33 PM
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We've released build 19 for Spoutcraft 1.6.4

This build includes the following fixes:
  • fixed player skins.
  • fixed player capes.
Please let us know if you experience any issues.

by Dockter at 10:38 AM
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We've released build 17 for Spoutcraft 1.6.4

This build includes the following fixes:
  • [hopefully] fixed login time-out issues when logging into a server with a lot of precache resources.
  • [hopefully] fixed screen widgets not being cleared from the screen when client is being flooded with chunk packets [requires SpoutcraftPlugin update as well]
  • modified the "Downloading resources" screen to include more details of how many downloads are still remaining as well as what its doing pre/post that operation.
  • added the ability to easily add a public server to your favorites list.
Please let us know if you have continued issues with the login time-out issue. Also, we implemented a new rule for public servers listed in-game. The server must be running the current version of Spoutcraft (version number) and be using SpoutcraftPlugin.

Note: this does not include the big packet update or the SpoutItemStack update we are working on.

Be Well.
by Grinch at 7:05 PM
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Just a heads up to everyone that our server that holds the Solder instance for our Technic pack is temporarily offline. The cause of this is currently unknown however we are working to get it back online as soon as humanly possible. This thread will be updated when the server is back online and usable.

- The Spoutcraft Team
by Dockter at 2:52 PM
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Just to give you folks a quick update on what we've been working on.

We are currently in the process of updating the protocol system for Spoutcraft and SpoutcraftPlugin. Provided we eventually move to the base Minecraft version of 1.7.x or 1.8 we had to do this update regardless so we figured no point in waiting any longer.

During this update we are attempting to cleanup a few things as well as improve on some features that have been in use for a while.

We're working to remove SpoutItemStack as it exists currently. Currently it doesn't contain a lot of the additional data values, meta data etc that Mojang added to ItemStack past version 1.2. We are looking to create a newer version of SpoutItemStack that would include all the native mojang data with ours added onto of it.

We are also working to get CustomTools working properly. There fact of the matter is that CustomTools, CustomFood, CustomWeapons and CustomArmor was just stubbed out in our code years ago, the original Spout...
by Grinch at 9:46 AM
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Those interested in the plans we have for SpoutcraftMod may take a look here.

Feel free to discuss anything we have planned in the roadmap in this thread.
by Dockter at 11:38 PM
(1,648 Views / 6 Likes)
Good Evening,

We've issued the following updates:

[Client] - Spoutcraft-1.6.4-b12 - Already pushed to Technic Launcher.
[Server] - SpoutcraftPlugin-1.6.4-b3 <- Click to Download

Update Notes:
  • Added the ability to hide the quantity of an item stack within a spout slot.
  • Added the ability to send a hyperlink to the client and have it automatically open. The user is prompted by the same GUI confirmation box as if they clicked on a link in chat.
  • Fixed a bunch of missing materials from Spout's material manager since 1.4.x & 1.5.x
  • Fixed invalid client version number being reported to the server when a spoutcraft user logs in.
  • Added "Fancy Items" options to configuration. Allows for 3D rendering of item stacks on the ground.
I've also posted a link here: http://spoutcraft.org/threads/obj-to-shape-file-converter.8570/ to a .obj to .shape file converter for those enjoy...
by Dockter at 11:35 PM
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Just wanted to give everyone a quick update regarding a few things. Yes, we know that there isn't a 1.7.x build of Spoutcraft or SpoutcraftMod available. We are patiently awaiting updates to MCP and/or Forge before we can proceed with our updates. Keep in mind that 1.7.x and 1.8 are massive updates compared to 1.4, 1.5 or 1.6.

Spoutcraft Updates

Tonight we posted Spoutcraft 1.6.4 b10. It is a rather small update unless your one of the server owners that uses a lot of custom blocks with movement modifiers. The following movement modifiers now work properly again:
  • GravityMod
  • WalkingMod
  • SwimmingMod
  • JumpingMod
  • AirSpeedMod
As always if there is anything we can do to make your player experience better please let us know.